C&A Biella

via Domenico Mudugno, 3B
13900 Biella
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45.548225, 8.077268
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In questo negozio troverà:abbigliamento uomo-donna-bambino-collezione XL
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08. feb at 17:12

I hate my life but at least this makes it bealbare.

06. feb at 16:53

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05. feb at 6:44

If not for your writing this topic could be very colutnvoed and oblique.

05. feb at 2:34

Forgot to say ….. THANKS Mark and all the crew.Glad to see so many of the long-active culprits are still ative and culpritting as ever.(Nice of you, FDB).My guess is that all of you together on LP have had much more influence on things than by indivdaly crying into your beers or by shouting alone about all the evil in the world. Right at the moment, I’m bludging on some friends and using their computer …. and enjoying a fullish glass Dublin’s finest non-vintage Ja;nmoe’ss Irish Whiskey with a wee bit of ex-Cyclone Ului rainwater ice. Cheers!

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